Speaking of Hardstyle!

DJ Snowdrop

New Member
Aug 24, 2015
So the really funny thing about this is I have not been on here in a week because i have been working on a few new Tracks of my own. I didn't see this topic last time and now I do. And the funniest part of this.....

I Just Released a brand new Hardstyle Track!.

Granted it isn't like S3RL's Happy Hardcore songs or Headhunterz or even Da Tweekaz but Ya gotta start somewhere right.

I was told a few weeks bac i may leave Links so you guys can check out my Music, Well here is one that was released only a Short while ago... (An Hour) So I really hope you Enjoy.

If you want the Song for free you can download it on my Soundcloud. ^-^ :D

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