Teach me how to rave

Dec 6, 2018
Québec, Canada
Le hoy! So today was kind of something... I joined the forums after learning how to get S3RL to see the fanart I made while listening to his mixtapes for 7 hours straight (it didn't take me all this time to finish it mind you XD) and to my great surprise and joy, my piece is now the icon on the Facebook page, at the current time of making this thread... I did not in all my life expect to have such an honor, but hey I'm really happy he liked it this much! I think I've talked about it on 5 different platforms by now, I almost feel like bragging, but this is literally the best day of my life.

So about me... I never actually raved, I only get access to Happy Hardcore through YouTube, I'm more of a homebound guy anyway so I don't really mind. The Kandi culture (if I may call it like that) has really taken my interest as of late though. Also I'm a YouTuber (if you want a link to my channel ask me directly, it's NOT the username I'm using on the forum!), I don't upload a lot due to having a night-time job, but my priorities concerning my channel have flipped to video games as of late. I still do pixel-art once in a while (AKA when I have the time and the inspiration) and I'm planning on making a mixtape or two some day; not in any particular genre, it's gonna be as diverse and random as my interests. Seriously, it's easier for me to say what I don't like than what I like when it comes to my tastes! XD

So yeah, that's pretty much it, and remember : It's all about making your own fun in life!

PS : I take pixel-art requests for free if anyone's interested!
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