wierdo question but i wana suprise some fellow degenerates and show your music to tham.


New Member
Sep 6, 2021
i found a typical furry song that d chatch the attention of the the furrys if you cuold remix it xD
Probably ill burn in hell for this for all eternity ,but the cause is just, i want furry commuty in hungary to have a better taste in music so can you please remix pepper coyotes their is no **** like horse **** x.DD.
Also its kinda old meme music and personaly i cringe ower it every time i hear it. its kinda a challange to do so because i heard planty of attempts but so far they mostly failed thats why i think you culd do a good hardcore or electronic out of it. thank you for reading this also sooory for beeing crigney af today, Also i realy like the lide coop works you did as well :h:
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