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    1. News & Updates

      For website updates & news.
      Serendipity Latest: New Site Theme 2017 Serendipity, May 16, 2017
    2. Astonite Latest: Is this thing dead? Astonite, Apr 27, 2020
    1. Serendipity Latest: S3RL Song List! Serendipity, Sep 8, 2019
    2. S3RL Q&A

      all1es_sokoлow Latest: About creating fan mix all1es_sokoлow, Jan 19, 2020
    3. S3RL Song Request

      Request a song from S3RL, maybe he will read it <3
      all1es_sokoлow Latest: Hard Oldschool Style all1es_sokoлow, Dec 1, 2019
    4. S3RL Fan Art

      All S3RL fan art goes here!
  1. Kandi

    Kandi Talk

    1. r|y|a|n Latest: Squeaks Kandi r|y|a|n, Jul 10, 2018
    2. Flintlock3r Latest: Specific pony beads Flintlock3r, Sep 12, 2016
  2. S3RL Shop / EMFA Music Shop

    This area is used to discuss anything related to the S3RL official shop.
    1. Shop Account F.A.Q / Help

      Need help finding your way around your store account? This is a handy place to ask questions and find answers for that!
      Serendipity Latest: Downloads Serendipity, Sep 1, 2016
    2. Shop General Support

      This thread is the shops general help section, please keep it to that :P
      RyanJ93 Latest: Unable to download track RyanJ93, Jul 9, 2017
    3. Shop Issues / Errors / Bugs

      This thread is used to discus and showcase issues and bugs with the shop so superman can fix them <3
      Meta Latest: Basket bug Meta, Jul 27, 2019
    1. Video Games

      General Discussion for Video Games
      r|y|a|n Latest: Old-school Sonic r|y|a|n, Sep 5, 2018
    2. Other Stuff

      D4RK FUN Latest: Made a S3RL mashup D4RK FUN, Mar 23, 2017