1. DayGloStarKade

    Crystal Sky

    Hey S3RL! First off, I want to tell you how big of a fan I am of yours! I've placed you on a "Happy Harcore Legend" pedestal alongside artists like Scott Brown & Hixxy and listen to your music on repeat all the time! :hearteyes: My question though has to do with your free track Crystal Sky. I...
  2. Superman

    Intensify - Discussion (I Totally didn't forget to add this..)

    Discussion how intense this song is XD Radio Edit - iTunes - - Spotify - DJ Edit - BeatPort - OSU Beatmap - OSU playthrough -...
  3. Superman

    Sorority House 2016 - Discussion

    Yet another Russe track! This time for Sorority House 2016 - Larviksrussen Spotify -…/music/album/S3rl_Sorority_House… iTunes -…/sorority-house-sing…/id1046711715 Google Play -…/music/album/S3rl_Sorority_House…
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