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Can I make Covers of your Tracks for Sale?
I am happy for you to make covers for YouTube or similar platforms that generate revenue but if you are going to put the cover up for sale to places like Spotify etc then please contact me via email: [email protected]
Do you offer commissions (including Russ tracks)?
Sorry, not at this time.
Can I upload my remix to SoundCloud? (Listing on free Media Platforms YT, SC, Etc.) (Not Selling)
Yes, you can upload your remix to SoundCloud.
I want to licence a track for my (Game, Video, Media) how do i go about doing that?
Please contact me with more information via email: [email protected]
What are the limitations of the Remix Packs? (Can I sell my remix?)
You are welcome to release your remix on other labels but please send me a copy of the track and I will give you more information.
Can i use S3RL music in my video?
Please contact me with more information via email: [email protected]
Can i use S3RL's Music on my YouTube?
Yes, but be aware my YouTube network, VISO, may claim your video.
Can I use S3RL's music on my live stream?
Yes, I am happy for you to use my music on your live streams. If you could include a link back to me (S3RL, no it's not pronounced surreal) that would be great. Please use the following link ***This applies to tracks that are on the EMFA Music Label & songs Pre 2011. Anything that isn't either one of those wouldn't be able to be used.
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