1. mixiemoon

    Hello! I'm Mixie Moon

    Hey everyone, I just found this forum (how has it taken me so long?) & I just wanted to say hi! I hope to work with s3rl again in the future. Thanks so much for all the support you have given me over the years, it means the world.
  2. C

    "The Chespins are Comin Back" Song by S3RL (Request)

    Here is the Song Request for S3RL to make a Chespin-themed song called "The Chespins are Comin Back" :D
  3. minershock

    Rave With You

    Hey S3rl! (If you read this of course ;3) I think a good song idea would be something with the theme of a girl or a boy or both wanting to rave with the other something like R4v3 B0y or Pretty Rave Girl. I loved both of those songs and I think a song called "Rave With You" would be great! I...
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