fan art

  1. Chillcore (Fan Art)

    Chillcore (Fan Art)

    I did some more OwO,At last I could do something better with Chillcore, previously I already had the idea but I did it again and it was better!!! (hopefully it doesn't break any rules with this)
  2. Where Did You Go (Fan art)

    Where Did You Go (Fan art)

    ok, I'm perfecting my drawing style, and I think I improved a lot, (I guess), I'll continue with more fan arts of this type (clearly not showing nudity, and those things from rule 34 xd), the next one will be, the girl from Chillcore song!!! :)
  3. KawaiiKiki

    S3RL Featured in AD MAG

    Sooo I'm a bit of a procrastinator on top of trying to do ten projects with school work and two jobs. So in case this takes longer than expected (which it does) here are the pages with S3RL on them. I'm hoping to finish this mag soon but homework and client work literally take up my free time...