1. cats101


    Hello. I'm Haley. I am 15. I live in the USA with my pets and family. I can speak English snd Japanese! I've listened to S3RLs music since Pika Girl came out, and I have loved it ever since! My fave song currently is Click Bait.
  2. XAngeled


    Hi everyone! I'm XAngeled and I discovered that website not too long ago, but just recently started using it. I love listening to S3RL and he is one of the artists I like most, and one of my inspirations to make electronic music. I play video games and I make electronic music as stated above. I...
  3. Stephy

    I'm literally obsessed with S3RL

    Uhh I only just found this forum and I'm already in love with it XD I can't wait until the S3RL shop opens! My name's Stephy by the way, I'm a girl from the UK My fave S3RL song at this very moment is When I'm There, before that it was DJ ***** Also very jealous of people in the US who get to...