Heja and meep together!!~~


New Member
Feb 27, 2018
My Name is Mel or Missy. ♧
I'm 19 years old and from Germany.

I found S3RL's music first about 5 years ago on YouTube.
....metal,classic,industrial etc. all I tryed and liked.. but whatever I liked I never stopped listening to his songs.

And I never realize how important his music was for me.
It cheered me up and helped me when I was down. ♡

Sadly I don't have the chance to see him live.

Maybe I only saw and listen to him digitally - but thats real enough!

I'm not sure why I register me on this side.. but I hope I fine a reason! :>
Message me if you want?

❀2 U 4LL _ H4V3 4 NIC3 D4Y!!✿
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