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Aug 7, 2015
Hi to everyone, last month ago a good friend of mine died in a road accident. His name is Altai Toledo Padrón, 19 years old. He was traveling with his family across France (Poitiers) in his parents caravan when the hit happened. The family told me that he hit his head with the floor of the caravan, perishing for brain death. He and his family have always done this kind of trip every summer. They traveled in ship with the caravan to Spain from Tenerife, and then, they drove to other country of Europe. He was studying Computer Engineering with me in the ULL (University of La Laguna), located in Tenerife, Canary Island. He was such a genius programming. He was a bit reserved but really kind, always willing to listen us with our problems despite he had his own problems. He was such a gamer. He even was able to play the cello. He used to be called Yimred on video games and wanted to program video games .He was a truly fan of yours and heavy metal music too . He also loved figth video games as you do, he loved street fighter and mortal kombat. He really was very good playing it and always beat us but always having lot of fun. We were always saying and thinking that 1 day we will be able to see you in one of your session in live and enjoy your music like never before. But now... all of that has changed,he won't be able to do It, so i want to beg you to grant this wish of mine. I know is difficult, but I won't give up until I reach something. I think I have to do this, for him.
Thanks for your time.
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