Why do you like S3RL?


Feb 10, 2016
Maryland, USA
I guess the reason I like S3RL so much is because 1. His music is what got me into the scene 2. He doesn't wait around to for a bass drop (like you know where they spend 5 seconds trying to build up energy) 3. His style is just so unique to me I can't get enough


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Mar 20, 2016
Somehow I ended up with a few of S3RL's songs back in 2012. around January of 2014 I noticed that a couple songs featured "Sara" So I made a folder for them and put the music in there. fast forward a few months and I discover S3RL for the first time. Yes, I had his music but I had no idea it was so good. I hardly listened to anything I never heard on the radio.
I was listening to Basshunter's "All I ever wanted" Nightcore version. and that is what truly got me into techno.
Anyway, I started going on YouTube looking for S3RL's music. I downloaded anywhere from 20 to 30 songs and was happy for a little over a year, downloading new songs as they came out. Then comes 2015. I went on a rampage looking for as many S3RL songs as I could. bumping my total to around 65. In November of 2015, I found djs3rl.com and I just lurked there for a few months as a guest. After finally joining djs3rl.com as a member in march of 2016, I started participating in chat and being a bit more active.
As of today, I have 178 S3RL songs. 90% I have purchased from somewhere. mostly here. I am currently on a quest to discover all the secrets left on this site.
The question I have just blatantly avoided... Why do I like S3RL? The answer is simple. He pours his heart out into every beat. Every finely tuned lyric. He is a superhero. He is everything I ever wanted to be. S3RL is well on his way to fame and fortune and I want to be there the whole way!
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Sep 15, 2016
Why i like S3RL ??

he helps me with his musik to stay strong when i lost my best friend and dont falling back in my depressions...the dark !!

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