Feb 7, 2017
Limoges, France
Hi everybody ! Let me introduce myself:

My name's Allan, I'm 17, I'm French, I live on Limoges, France and I'm a S3RL fan since July 2016 :D . The first S3RL song I heard was Pretty Rave Girl 2010, it was last summer, and I listened to it after I saw some people say "Wasn't this a S3RL song?" in the YouTube comments of Basshunter's All I Ever Wanted. I didn't really like the song at first because it was too fast for me at this time (I was a big EDM lover before and 130BPM was the maximum for me) but the lyrics were addictive. A week later, a friend send to me "Pika Girl", and at this moment I listened to more Happy Hardcore (and Hardstyle btw) and I also started to play osu! at this time.

Today I try to share my passion for S3RL and Happy Hardcore to the world (basically strangers in the street or in my school) by introducing them to my favorite songs: "I Will Pick You Up", "I'll See You Again" and "Pika Girl" (when I say "introducting them", understand "playing the song loud on my speaker in the city"). But I don't only listen to Happy Hardcore, even if it's my favorite genre: I also love Hardstyle, Hardcore & Frenchcore. One of my dreams is to see S3RL perform live, but sadly Australia is quite far from France :/.

About me: I love speed, supercars, Sonic The Hedgehog's universe, and I play lot of games: osu! where I am at the rank 76k, Minecraft, and Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One. Search for InfiniDrift if you wanna find me on those games :D

Merci beaucoup and see you layer ;)

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